Sonovision Aetos, established in the year 2005, is the Indian subsidiary of Sonovision Group.

Sonovision Aetos is a company that develops innovative solutions for its customers based on the experience of technical consultancy by Sonovision Group and keeping a leading position in the market, thanks to:

  • Exhaustive understanding of our customer requirements and expectations,
  • Competitive and efficient service,
  • Continuous adaptation and improvement of our services to comply with the new needs,
  • Regular upgradation of the technology used,
  • Constant development of new activity areas,
  • Continuous exploration for new national and transnational markets.
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Our Team

We are engineers, technical translators, technical publication authors and illustrators.

We bring in a broad range of experience and skill in Technical Publications and Technical Translations for aircraft and machinery.

We are Young, Dynamic and Creative in developing and providing innovative services to our customers.

We have developed strong customer relationship with our clients by providing great management, flexibility, and customer satisfaction.

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Sonovision Group

Sonovision Group is a leading provider of logistics and document engineering.

The 1,500 employees of the group work in more than 10 different countries to support key industrial accounts in aerospace, transportation, defense, energy, etc. along with the design and implementation of the most complex projects.

Even before the year 1948, Sonovision Group was pioneering in the production of technical documentation for the military aviation industry. Since then, the Group has continuously built on its expertise and enhanced its skill set by incorporating complementary disciplines and enriching business.

Ortec Group

Sonovision Group is a part of ORTEC Group.

By combining a bold approach and rigorous professionalism right from its inception, Ortec has become one of the leading players in the services for industry, energy and the environment today.

With more than 11,000 people spread over 160 local branches in France and Europe, 32 subsidiaries in 24 countries, it generates revenue of over € 1.1 billions.

It has forged a name for itself in numerous sectors by providing the best solutions at the best price without compromising the environment.

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Our Certifications

We are certified under the ISO 9001:2015 and EN 9100:2016 aerospace standards.

The aviation and aerospace industry is a highly sensitive area requiring the utmost standards of quality, safety and reliability.

Our certified QMS according to EN 9100 provides long-term customer satisfaction, efficient business processes and the ability to respond rapidly to the ever-changing market demands.

The EN 9100 certification demonstrates our ability to meet the requirements and the needs of potential customers, resulting in enhanced customer confidence and satisfaction, giving us a competitive advantage.

The EN 9100 Certification promotes continual improvement thereby reducing and preventing errors which lead to cost savings.

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Key Figures